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Language development is known to be a critical foundation for successful literacy. This occurs initially (and in early childhood) through the spoken word. Our programs are rich in language through active conversation, reading/listening opportunities (such as story telling and singing songs) and through intentional teaching strategies. At Ducklings we are also exploring the possibility of introducing a 'language other than English' program into our curriculum. This would be an 'embedded' program where children are offered experiences of a new language that reflect their current learning experiences... for example, if the children are interested in animals, there would be LOTE rich experiences provided about animals, including songs, stories and conversation.


A key element of providing children with an effective and meaningful learning space (at least for us here at Ducklings) is offering a place for creative expression. Our Piazza/Atelier space is designed to encourage our children to express some of their ``100 Languages`` using a variety of materials, media and tools. This space is always available for the children to allow access when they are taken by their creative spirit! We look forward to sharing these expressions with our children and their families - there is always a story to tell about what is produced. We also have a library area and cafe area for families to have a place to set down and relax.


As the world becomes more hectic and demanding, it is important to empower children to understand and listen to their own minds, emotions and bodies. Sensitivity to overall well-being can be supported through our mindfulness and yoga programs... children will learn to relax and calm (self regulate) through these gentle programs.

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